Andreas Krebs


Education: Business Degree, State of Hessen, Germany

1984 – 2007 Assorted Senior Management positions (Country-General Manager and Regional VP) for Bayer and Wyeth in Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Canada and US

2008-2009 Member of Wyeth Management Committee and President EMEA

Broad and in-depth experience in Pharmaceuticals, OTC, Generics and Diagnostics

Since 2010, Managing Partner at Cologne Invest GmbH (, Chairman, Supervisory Board Merz KGaA, Member of the Board, Wilex AG and Senior Advisor to the Financial Industry

Areas of Focus

Corporate Strategy & Executive Management

Globalization and Leadership

Stakeholder Management

Cross-cultural Management

Venture Capital Investment during Seeding and Start-up

Paul Williams
Buch: Die Illusion der Unbesiegbarkeit

Das neue Buch – jetzt im Handel:

Die Illusion der Unbesiegbarkeit

Warum Manager nicht klüger sind als die Incas vor 500 Jahren.

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